Operation Facing Fentanyl

Primary Prevention Education and Opioid-Reversal Kit

Facing Fentanyl is a coalition of affected families and awareness organizations warning the public about the dangers of illicit fentanyl through prevention and awareness. Families affected by fentanyl see the importance of primary drug prevention education in schools. Fentanyl is the most prevalent and easily accessed drug by young people in American today. Education students, teachers, and parents are an essential step to stopping drug use before it starts and saving lives before it's too late. Operation Facing Fentanyl is a campaign to provide naloxone and primary education tools to school as they struggle to navigate safety to students.

Make prevention & safety happen

Donate a kit to your school of choice $80.00
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Match it! (a box for your school of choice and a second box for another school in need) $140.00

School direct email: andrea@voicesforawareness.com

Included in your kit:

Step 1-

Operation Facing Fentanyl is a campaign launched to donate prevention education and opioid reversal kits to fifty I.S. schools starting in November 2022

Step 2-

Affected Families believe safety should be a prerequisite, not an afterthought. Donations of primary education and safety kits can jump-start a school into action. Facing Fentanyl has created a donation campaign that assists others wanting to spread prevention education and life-saving kits to schools in need.

Step 3-

We are taking this project further by including a unique QR code linking access to secondary, tertiary, and updated materials for continuing education and resources. (Resources for other illicit drugs, recovery, and addiction)

The drug landscape has changed.

Illicit drugs are easily accessible and even accessed through social media. The prevalence of illicit fentanyl is driving teen deaths across the country.

Unfortunately, synthetic opioids have made opioid reversal an everyday necessity. It makes sense for schools to have Naloxone, and teaching prevention may mean you never have to use it.

For more information or questions email: andrea@voicesforawareness.com

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Donations made without a school designation will go to a school in need from our in-house list.