"Once again, ATA and the trucking industry has a chance to make a difference in the quality of life of all Americans. I urge and ask all of you to pray for the families that have lost family members to fentanyl, and for those that are struggling with addiction that may become the next tragedy. I am so proud to be a member of the trucking industry, please support and join us in this Fentanyl Awareness campaign," Byrd said

The Trucking Cares Foundation is the trucking industry's charitable arm, focusing on several core areas, including humanitarian and disaster relief; eradicating human trafficking; leadership development; strengthening the industry's relationships with law enforcement, the military and veterans' organizations; safety and research opportunities.

For more information on the Trucking Cares Foundation, visit https://www.truckingcares.org/.


The Trucking Cares Foundation (TCF) generously takes our message about prevention to the road. TCF is proof that everyone can work for solutions and spread awareness. Unlikely organizations, such as those not directly associated with healthcare or law enforcement, can still play a vital role in combating the fentanyl crisis. Awareness and education are key, and entities like businesses, community groups, and educational institutions can contribute by disseminating information about the dangers of fentanyl and promoting preventive measures. Unlikely allies can engage in advocacy efforts to influence policy changes that address the root causes of the crisis, such as improving access to mental health services or provisions needed for schools to educate students about dangerous drugs. By leveraging their unique strengths and reach, even unconventional organizations can contribute meaningfully to the collective effort to fight the fentanyl crisis.